Mid-Autumn Day中秋节

Every year we celebrate our Mid-Autumn Day, I like moon cakes very much. This year, I am here, I can not buy some traditional moon cakes. Mid-Autumn Day is a family reunion festival, so I miss my families very much. 

But I want to let my student share the Mid-Autumn Day with me. I tell them the folk tale to them and show the tale video to them. They feel excited about the story. After the video, we make a poster to celebrate the festival together.




Field Trip

Field trip makes every students excited. Expecially walking in the woods. 

Students can learn the relationship between the trees and the animals. The squirrels and other birds help tree seeds find a new place to grow up.

They find the plants grow in the woods. And try to push the big trunk to find something they don’t know. 

What an interesting and meaningful day.





New Teacher Training

After a long day working, it is really hard for me to do another training. But after arriving here, I found it is really helpful. The second year teachers share their useful experience to us and encourage us not try to be or push ourselves to be perfect for the first year. You can build it day by day.

The presenter gives us many ideas about the classroom management which is what I really need right now. 

Although it is tired for me to do the training, it is really awesome to learn.

October 30

Last week, I had a teacher talk with my principle, we set up a goal of this semester. After talking, I know how to help students and learn with them.

Last Friday, we had the professional development day, during the training, the teachers shared lots of useful information and I got the chance to have a visit to other classroom. I really get lots of new idea.

I will review our classroom rules and practice the rules well.