A letter to Santa给圣诞老人的一封信

Christmas is coming soon. The children would like ask Santa to give them a present. This year, I let them to write to Santa and tell him what they want. But in return for this, they have to tell Santa a story. They can tell any story they like. My children’s handwriting is not perfect, but they are trying to make a story by themselves and write it in Chinese. I this Santa must feel happy to read some Chinese letters.


Learn from each other互相学习

In order to share the culture to each other, my students in America and the students in my home school start to write letters to each other. 

They can ask questions they want know, they can share their own stories. They can write in both Chinese and English. They can know culture and practice language at the same time.


A Letter to Fall 写给秋天的信

I can not find a word to describe the fall in MN. It is colorful, it is warm and it is full of joy. I want my students to write a letter to the fall. I want them tell you how do they feel about the fall. So I take them out and sit on the grassland. Let them to observe and feel the fall by themselves. Then they can start their letters. They can write a very beautiful sentence in Chinese. I am so proud of them. 


CI gives me the honor孔院给我了这样的荣誉

I can’t believe I can meet our counselor Hong Lei. If I am not one of our Confucius Institute members, if I am not in Saint Cloud, I don’t think I have the chance to meet him. 

When I see him, I feel I am loved and cared by my country, I feel I need work harder. I am doing the job to development Chinese culture to the world.



Do you know me?你知道我吗?

Juan Li is my name, an English teacher in China and a Chinese teacher in America.

This is the second year that I worked in Saint Cloud,MN. As a teacher here, I experienced a lot differences between China and America. We have different culture, and we have different philosophy to educate our students.  Even this year is my 10th year to be a teacher, I feel I still have lots of thing to learn.

I am happy that I can be here to show our own Chinese culture and experience American culture as well.

Parents Conference 家长会

I have to show my respect to all American teachers. They will serve the parents one by one for 20 minutes. On the conference day, we will work almost 13 hours. But all the students are very professional and patient to every parent who comes in.

Here, I want to thank my students’ parents. They are very nice and do support me. They can understand my every decision and stand on my side. These parents make me think of my Chinese parents which makes me know that all the parents no matter what nationality they are, they all love their children, they all hope their children have a successful school year and life.

With their support and understanding, I will work hard for these children here.



Mid-Autumn Day中秋节

Every year we celebrate our Mid-Autumn Day, I like moon cakes very much. This year, I am here, I can not buy some traditional moon cakes. Mid-Autumn Day is a family reunion festival, so I miss my families very much. 

But I want to let my student share the Mid-Autumn Day with me. I tell them the folk tale to them and show the tale video to them. They feel excited about the story. After the video, we make a poster to celebrate the festival together.



Field Trip

Field trip makes every students excited. Expecially walking in the woods. 

Students can learn the relationship between the trees and the animals. The squirrels and other birds help tree seeds find a new place to grow up.

They find the plants grow in the woods. And try to push the big trunk to find something they don’t know. 

What an interesting and meaningful day.